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L&T InfoTech Recruitment Process Overview - Pune, October 9th, 2015

Hello everyone, I was at the L&T Infotech pool campus drive conducted on 8th and 9th Oct'15 and I got placed in L&T Infotech.

To describe the procedure from the start:

1. Aptitude!

Probably the most important (in my opinion) part/phase/round of the recruitment process. This is the part where most of students are dropped out and reason for that is quite obvious->"Not Being Smart Enough".

Everyone who is eligible for L&T InfoTech Recruitment Process is an overall good candidate itself because they have a criteria of around 60%+ and lot of other things that you already might be knowing or will know at the Pre-Placement Talk.

So basically even if you haven't prepared for the aptitude it should only take 1 or 2 smart moves while the aptitude exam to crack it.

I never had prepared for aptitude questions seriously nor did I solve any test papers on IndiaBix or any other website for that matter before my Infotech aptitude.

My smart move or the thing that I did for cracking it was changing the sections of the aptitude wisely,

As we all know there are there sections will 20 questions each and a sectional cut-off (Don't know how much and they don't tell you that):

1. Quantitative Aptitude.

2. Logical Reasoning.

3. Verbal Ability.

I Solved 10 questions of Verbal First. Then 10 of Logical. Then 10 of Quantitative. Back to 10 Questions of Verbal. Again 10 of Logical. And Lastly 10 of quantitative.

This was my key to crack this round. If you try and solve quantitative first you invest a lot of time in that and plus it is a bit harder to solve and you do not get the answer easily, then you start worrying, lose more time, more panics, your brain gets stuck and then you cannot even attempt the rest 2 sections with a stable mind and make them wrong too. They give the quantitative section first, but you can navigate to the other section easily and start solving that first.


They give you 60 mins to solve 60 questions, I had submitted my Test on the 57th min while people didn't even mark 60 questions fully. Commonly, it is test with no negative marking the least you could do it atleast mark all the questions blindly even if you haven't read the question (which I did not do I read all questions fast).

2. Group Discussion:

After aptitude, everything is fairly good. You just have to be yourself and maintain your balance and "PATIENCE". They make you sit for a long time. Group Discussion is fairly easy if you can communicate in English of-course. Even if you can manage to 1 point in the GD and the GD Moderator feels that yeah this guy can talk, that's it they take you in. Only thing they see is whether you can talk ENGLISH in front of everyone. Of-course putting up a good point is also important but then we are not dumb enough to talk rubbish over there. So I talked only about whats important.

My Topic: Advertisements-Are they "Marketing" or "Cheating"?

Fairly easy, I opened with the introduction, starting first saying that in my opinion it is marketing for blah blah blah reason and I stopped. That's it I got the next round.

3. Paragraph Writing:

After GD, they immediately give you a topic to write a paragraph about something and this round has no elimination, they just evaluate your paragraph in the LAST round. I wrote about half a page.

Topic: 3 Things you do to reduce pollution in your own city.

4. Technical Round/Interview (TR):

This was not at all easy (for me) (rest of my friends had a pretty good and easy TR, they bombard you with lot of technical things but then you do not have to worry too much because even if you manage to speak something about it and your answer is not perfect still they will select you.

I am an ENTC guy, they started asking me about computer and IT concepts.

Q. What is DBMS?

A. I said Data base management System.

Q. What does a DBMS do?

A. Stores data.

Q. Do you know any DBMS?

A. Mongo DB, Couch DB, SQL (wrong answer SQL is a language, Still ok:)).

Q. How does SQL work?

A. I said you have to write a code and store the data. I know that much only.

Finally he stopped about CS and IT.

Still he jumped to Object Oriented Programming (Still IT)!

Q. What are the 4 pillars of OOPS?

A. I said I don't know 4 pillars, I only know some OOPS concepts: Inheritance and Polymorphism.

He said yes those are the 2 pillars. 2 more to go. I didn't know the remaining two.

Correct answer: Data Abstraction, Data Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism.  (4 Pillars).

Then he said so lets make things easy for you: You have a piece of cake (round) you have only 3 cuts and have to give me 8 pieces how will you slice the cake. I couldn't answer.

He said ok then Thank You. I was very tensed I thought I couldn't make it. But trust me he wasn't really testing how perfectly I was answering. They just test what all you know or you are familiar with. They do not expect complete "Perfection or Mastery". Of-course if you are perfect in something they ask you, You have an advantage.

5. HR Interview:

This is the last round and it is fairly good. They ask you some simple questions, about anything may be family background or what you do, why you would like to join the company, why should we take you, most importantly you Hobbies, Strengths and Weakness. If you simply answer to those questions you can get selected.

That's pretty much about it. I would wish you all the best and Good Luck, Cheers :).


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