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iGate Global Solutions Interview Experience - Chennai, September 9, 2015

Hi All, I attended the interview conducted by iGate on the 9th of September through campus.

To be frank, I was not expecting anything and just wanted to give it my best.

The first round was Aptitude which consisted of 50 questions from which.

20 - Quantitative.
15 - Verbal.
15 - Logical.

The cutoff was 42 which meant 8 questions can be wrong at the max. Even if you don't know the answers, just select the possible answer. Do not leave any question without answering.

The second round was technical interview. I was questioned about the subjects from 3rd to 6th semester. I managed to answer it. If you don't know the answer just be frank and tell them that you don't.

The third round was HR which was a cakewalk. They just ask you questions to check your communication skills.

I remember reading all the interview experiences on IndiaBix before attending the interview and gaining confidence. Hence, I wanted to share my experience.

Overall, the whole process was pretty easy. Remember, confidence is the key!


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