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International Business Machines(IBM) - Chennai, August 4, 2015

Hi friends..

The entire process contains 3 rounds:

1. Aptitude round.
2. Psychometric round(Work skill assessment).
3. One to one HR.

The first round consist of 18 aptitude questions and for each question is given a time limit of 2.15 min. Difficulty level is moderate. Results were announced  1 hour later. I cleared the first round.

The second round is psychometric round it was new for me. Here you will come across different situations and counter situations. What I suggest is stick on to any one decision. 

Even if there is a fair counter decision. This round consist of 100 questions and the time limit is 20 to 30 min. The results were announced and I cleared it.

The round is one to one HR the questions are like: 

1. Tell me something about yourself?

2. Your strengths?
- Answer it with a example.

3. Explain your project?
- Please be clear about all flow charts about your project if there is any

4. Difficult situation during your project work?

5. Questions regarding events that I attended?(Mentioned in resume)

6. Colour coding concept for resistors?

7. Difference between C and C++?

These are the questions asked in the last round. Results were announced and I cleared the last round.


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