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Cognizant Interview Experience - Chennai, Feb 11&12 2016

HI, I attended CTS OFF CAMPUS DRIVE for ANNA UNIV affiliated colleges more than 3000 students participated which was held at AGNI COLLEGE.

We had 4 rounds.

1. Group discussion.
2. Aptitude(Verbal and Logical).
3. Technical interview.
4. HR interview.

Group discussion wasn't tough as expected. It was alike extempore, and out of 30 students from our batch 24 were selected for 2nd round.

Aptitude round consists of two sections, Verbal and Logical. Good news is that no questions from quants is asked. Verbal section consists of 35 questions and logical consists of 20 questions, total of 55 minutes were allotted. It was quite easy.

The results were announced only by 3.00 am  and around 800 students cleared this round.

Next day we had our technical interview,

Good morning, sir.
Good morning, Wait for a while I'll take a look at your resume.

HR: Being an ECE student why IT profession?
ME: Said good things about CTS.

HR: Tell me something about C&C++.
ME: Said the differences b/w them and also their merits and demerits.

HR: Tell me something about concepts of C++.
ME: Explained. 

HR: What is inheritance?
ME: Explained with types.

HR: What is polymorphism?
ME: Explained.

HR: Say me an real time example for polymorphism relating with ECE department.
ME: Answered with an example using ARDUINO &MICRO CONTROLLER.

HR: Tell me about your project?
ME: Answered it.

HR: How will you explain the working of computer to an layman?
ME: Explained the whole process of computer operation in an easy manner, such that anyone can understand.

HR: Do you know anything about JAVA & DOT NET?
ME: NO sir, I am not familiar with it.

HR: Thank you, wait for your results
ME: Thank you sir.

Results were announced within 15 mins and I was selected for HR round.

HR: Tell me about yourself?
ME: Said.

HR: Why should I hire you?
Answered using my positive traits.

HR: Give me an example from your life? regarding the qualities you said.
ME: Explained with an real time incident.

HR: Why should I select an ECE student for an IT industry?
ME: I answered it, He was  impressed with my answer.

HR: Are you a smart worker or hard worker?
ME: Smart worker.

HR: Diff b/w hard-work &smart-work?
ME: Said.

HR: Are you willing to relocate?

HR: Will you work in night shifts?
ME: Yes sir, no problem.

HR: Thank you gentleman.
ME: Thanks sir.

The results were published in the Anna University and around 350-400 students were shortlisted including me :).


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