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CTS Interview Experience - Chennai, February 11, 2016

Hi all. First of all good luck for everyone I attended CTS. The interview procedure is,

1. GD. 
2. Online test (only verbal & reasoning). Luckily no general aptitude.
3. Tech.
4. HR.

First round is GD. Very simple and cool. There are many who will discourage us by telling GD as elimination round. Not actually. Be prepared with anyone own topic. Get some knowledge about current topics. Not needed much. They only test our communication and confidence. Content is not important. Most extempore topics will be from IndiaBix. Refer it. People with good communication need no preparation. Be confident. 

Second round is written. CTS follows MeritTrac, 2 days preparation is far enough. For verbal part, concentrate on reading comprehension and error spotting. Learn basic grammatical errors. Then it also includes choose the incorrect or correct statements from 4. No synonyms or antonyms or analogies. Regarding logical topics to be covered are (seating arrangements, alphabets coding, visual analogy (next pattern), syllogism, data sufficiency, attention to details) cover these topics. Mostly the questions can be answered without preparations. To gain confidence before exam prepare for it.  

Third round is technical interview. 40% chance of getting rejected in technical round. Whatever you have specified in the resume prepare it. For it and CS students more difficult to clear. They will ask more program. For other dept. mostly they concentrate on microprocessor, controller, networks and simple C programs. Even they questioned about our workshops and IPT. Be confident and bold. Try to divert them with the topic which you are more clear about and able to ans any question. 

Final HR round. Even elimination happens at this round. Ans genuinely. Mostly the questions will be 

1. Will you relocate?

2. Tell about yourself which is not included in resume.

3. About CTS. 

4. Any question to ask.

5. Where can we see you in next few years?

6. Which skill in you can help improving company?

7. What do you expect from CTS?

Be cool and answer confidently. All the best)).
Don't be depressed if not selected. Take it in a positive way. There are many. Good luck all.


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