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L&T Infotech Interview Experience - Chennai, September 15 and 16, 2015

Hi everyone, I'm going to talk about my(on campus) interview experience with L&T Infotech.

Interview process:

1. Aptitude round.
2. Group discussion.
3. Essay writing.
4. Technical hr interview.
5. HR interview.

Aptitude Round:

The aptitude round will be an online test with three sections.

Verbal (20 questions).
Reasoning (20 questions).
Quants (20 questions).

Each section will be having a sectional cutoff which will be decided only on the day of the interview and they won't tell you.

It's important that you manage your time and give equal importance to all the sections, as there are no negative markings, feel free to attend all the questions.

Workout all the topics, aptitude round will be easy, but you have to practice if you want to clear the round.

Out of 500 people 49 got shortlisted and I was one among them.

Don't get worried looking at the number, do your best, it's easy!

Group discussion:

In, GD they will separate into different groups to conduct the GD.

I was in group 3 with 10 people. Topic was online shopping vs retail shopping.

Communication skills is important. Give valid points and give others a chance.

Finally 41 got shortlisted.

Essay writing:

They would give a topic and ask you write an essay. This is a non elimination round, so no need to worry! but questions will be asked from this during the hr round. And they will be giving a form, you will fill all the details including, areas of interests, accomplishments and everything. This form will be passed to the hr in the final two rounds. You will be asked to attach the form with your essay written paper.

Technical HR:

In this round you will be asked basic questions pertaining to your domain and mainly from your mini-project, so be thorough with your mini project concepts and implementation details. It will be easy with good communication skills to crack this round. They might ask you to write a code or an query based on your areas of interests! so make sure you write only the subjects you know on the areas of interest column.

HR round:

This is the easiest round, because only the first question will be his own thought. All other questions will be only based on your reply, so be smart and talk about what you know, you can crack this round too. If they ask you will you be willing to relocate, say yes. It's important.

On the whole it's a really easy process, five rounds might look long and tough, but just be confident!

Confidence, communication skills and basic technical knowledge is more than enough!

And if you don't get selected, don't worry mate, work a bit more, you can get selected in the next one.

I got rejected in my first interview, but I worked a bit more and I made sure I got selected in my second interview! If you guys have any doubts you can mail me.

All the best guys! life is full of opportunities! NEVER GIVE UP!


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