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CTS Interview Experience - Agni college & 11.2.16

Hi friends, I am Ramya attended CTS Interview. Around 3300 participated. First round was GD, not a MAJOR ELIMINATION. Second round was Apps.

Apps was quite easy only verbal and reasoning. It was not AMCAT!!! Its MeritTrac. 

Finally on 12th morning 3 o'clock got the result and next day was technical HR and followed by HR.

I am from ECE, so technical HR was ok for me. He asked basic questions from my core. Then told me to write program on finding smallest number in a array. I didn't write. Told only the concept. 

Then technical HR shortlisted students were called out. Then we went for HR round which was the final round. It was cool just a formality, they are just checking our communication skills. If u are ECE, then be prepared for the why are you choosing software field now? 

Then next day morning results were published. My name got shortlisted, I am happy because I got rejected by TCS, but now selected by CTS!!


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