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Cognizant Technology Solutions Interview Experience - TNSLPP, Feb 8-9, 2016

Hi all. I attended CTS placement drive conducted by Anna University on Feb 8 and 9 at Mahendra College of Engineering.

There were 4 rounds.

1. JAM/GD.
2. Online test.
3. Technical Interview.
4. General HR.


We were batched and each batch consisted of about 25 members. The HR who came for us conducted JAM and he wanted everyone to talk about themselves rather than general topics such as mobile phones, hardwork etc. He mainly checked on fluency, vocabulary and accent. Nearly 15 students were shortlisted from our batch. Few HR selected everyone from the batch. It solely depends upon the HR. So just be confident and project yourself.

Online Test:

Online test was conducted by Merittrac and it has no quantitative ability. Only 2 sections

1. Analytical ability (30 question - 30 minutes) - It had syllogism, data interpretation, Visual reasoning.

2. Vocabulary (25 questions - 30 minutes) - Passages, Logically connecting sentence, Jumbled sentence.

Mass elimination takes place in this round. Only 400 were shortlisted out of 1600. Prepare the basic questions from IndiaBix and be strong in the basics, you could easily clear it. This is one of the easiest rounds.

Technical interview:

This is one of the rounds where your luck plays the major role. If solely depends upon the HR u face. Cognizant mainly tests your communication skills and confidence. Since I am from ECE background. He asked me questions on Digital electronics, Microprocessor and some basic C questions. He didn't even see my resume. He was such a friendly person that he started questions with what I had for the breakfast. It took nearly 10-15 mins and we were asked to wait in the waiting hall. Have some basic knowledge on your area of interest and you are in. After few minutes people from Merittrac announce the shortlisted students and we were asked to attend the HR Interview.

General HR:

This is the best of all the rounds:D A stress free one. They just ask about relocation and some general questions and then ask us to sign us in a Cognizant form which has some terms like it is a no bond company. Please just don't sign without reading it.

Be prepared for some basic questions like,

- Why Cognizant?

- What is the latest news you heard about Cognizant? Etc.

Results were released in Anna University website around 4 PM and I was one among the shortlisted students;)

All the best to everyone reading my experience. See you at Cognizant ;) :D


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