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L&T Infotech Interview Experience - Nagpur, Sep 2014

Hello Friends,

L&T InfoTech Came in my college YCCE for campus placement drive. All branches were eligible for drive.

There are 5 rounds.

1. Aptitude test.
2. Group Discussion.
3. Paragraph writing.
4. Technical Round.
5. Personnel Interview.

1. Aptitude test was easy. R. S. Aggrawal is good for practice. Remember, there is no different set of Aptitude test. All question are same for all group, for all colleges, in that particular time period. So try to find out question from your friends. Aptitude test consists of Quants, English. 40% was cutoff.

2. Group discussion was also easy. The key to crack GD is "Speak". If you participate in GD, then you will definitely crack it. That's enough.

3. In paragraph writing you will get one topic, and you have to write paragraph on it within 15-20 mins. This is not elimination round, but when you will go to HR round they will observe it. Avoid grammatical and spelling mistake. Use different colors of pens. Draw images like logo. It will definitely help you.

4. Technical round is depend upon panel. My technical round was finished in 4mins. TI may be of 4 mins or 40mins, depend upon panel. Focus on resume, Core subjects. C, C++, DS, OS, SE.

5. In Personnel interview, they will observe your communication skills and confidence. Some question like.

A. What is your favorite color? Why?

B. Do you like singing? If yes, then sing a song.

C. Your favorite game? tell me something about your favorite game.

D. Which movie do you like? who is director, who is producer.

So, whichever is your hobby, favorite game, movie, you should know basic about it.

I was selected in L&T InfoTech in Sept 2014, and they gave me joining in may 2016. Remember, L&t may give you joining within 3months, or 6 months, or 1 year, or 2 year. So you must have patience.

Best of luck.


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