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IBM Interview Experience - Goa, October 13-14, 2014.

Greetings everyone !!! I am a B.Tech graduate in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from National Institute Of Technology Goa (NITG), class of 2K15 ! I would like to share my placement experience with IBM ! :).

Position   : Global Business Services (GBS).
Role        : Systems Engineer.
Eligibility : 60% and above in 10th and 12th, CGPA 6.5 and above.

The selection process consists of three phases split over 2 days.


It consists of 2 parts. Number series in the first half and Aptitude questions in the second half, each question will have a time limit of 2:15 minutes. 

18 series + 18 aptitude questions.

For aptitude go through basic formulas on profit and loss, SI & CI, and permutation combination , distance & speed.

Note - You are allowed to use only system calculators for calculation.


The whole test is of 20 minutes with no timer in each question.

For this kindly go through American and British Business Letter format thoroughly, Etiquette's, Active & Passive Voice, Sentence Correction, Spotting Error, True or false type questions.


My interview lasted for 35 minutes.

My interviewer was a kind person. He briefed me about himself saying there was no need to panic as he himself was not from CS/IT background (This eliminated the chances of him asking me to write a code).

Basic HR questions included:

(i) Why IBM?
(ii) Introduce yourself .
(iii) My final year B.Tech Project.
(iv) Are you willing to relocate?
(v) What is SAP ?
(vi) What are the challenges you might face at IBM?
(vii) Do you plan to go for further studies?

They were basically checking my communication skills and my approach to a particular situation.


You may refer to indiabix.
Book : Quantitative Aptitude by R. S. Aggarwal.

At the end of the interview, they will definitely ask you if you have any questions for them. Do ask a couple of questions. It shows that you are interested in joining them.

A total of 176 students appeared from NIT Goa & GEC, of which 51 were selected.


If you are able to clear the initial 2 rounds, 90 % chances are there you will sail through the 3rd round.

Non CS/IT guys do not be intimidated by your CSE counterparts , all are evaluated at a fair level.

Practice makes perfect !!!



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