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Cognizant Interview Experience - Hyderabad, January 2016

Hello everyone,

I have attended pool campus drive of Cognizant.

First round was GD. Around 15 members were grouped together, the topic we were given was should coke be banned or not. According to me, I felt that the choice of choosing coke must be left to people as they know the disadvantages of consuming it. So it's their own perspective on how they view coke. And I added some nice quotes to my list of points which was an added advantage for me.

Out of 15, 5 were selected and I was in.

Next round was written exam of AMCAT pattern conducting by aspiring minds. The paper was moderate which included general English, quant and reasoning. Results were mailed two days later and I was in.

After two days interview was scheduled at Cognizant office there we had three rounds
technical round, voice test or personality check and HR.

In technical round they asked me everything about what I mentioned in my resume like SQL, C, C++, Java etc. I was asked to write programs and even queries which were simple.

Next round was personality or verbal skills check. Either it was a rapid fire round or general talk. In this round for me I was asked about my college life as I am from women's college, and next question was what I have learned about myself in B.Tech life. I answered to the point and was through.

Final round is HR. I was asked what were we discussing waiting outside and my hobbies. later I was asked to confirm to work anytime and anywhere. This round was sweet and simple. 

After a week, I got a mail that I got selected :).


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