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Hi Friends

The selection process in Caritor was actually 4 steps.
3)Techinical interview
4)HR interview

1) Written process has actually 4 parts:

First part consist of aptitude, question are from rs agarwal
the topics are time and work, train and distance, allegation mixture, boat and streams.
there were 15 question in the aptitude.

Second part consist of Verbal it was very easy. The vebal section consist of 10 question. 
fill in the blanks that is to fill the correct preposition in the sentence. refer wren and martin english grammer book and some questions on fill in the blanks with correct tense.

Third part was logical. this part was little bit tuf. it was also from rs agarwal.
data sufficiency, puzzle test and some other topic in it so concentrate on time book also.

the last one to write the essay on the topic ethics.
there were reading the essay on the time of the gd try to do it well mosty the same topic will be given to you also.

the topic given to me was IT growth in india.....
ans asked all of us to give the conclusion for 30sec.

3) Technical interview
in techinical interview they were asking full on IT subject they ask us to write the simple programme like swapping with out temp variable, factorial recursive and non recursive, palindrome, concentrate on the areas of intrests...

4) HR
the HR was aslo simple they will give litle stress on the interview but in hr he stated asking technical also in the project that i had done so be carefull about the thing that you have given in the resume they wont ask any certificate but all question was from the resume.


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