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Robert Bosch Interview Experience - Bangalore, 21st to 23rd September

Robert Bosch visited our campus in the month of September, 2015. The activity was spread over a period of 3 days.

21st September: This day was designated as the 'BOSCH DAY'. A team representing the company visited the campus and they showcased their various automobile products. It gave a bird's eye view of the company's domain of research.

22nd September: An online test was conducted on this day. The test comprised of.

60 questions and the time limit was 60 minutes. There were 35 Technical questions and 25 aptitude questions. (1 Mark is awarded for every correct answer and 0.25 is deducted for every wrong answer).

The topics to be covered are:


1. 8051 Micro-controller.

2. 8086 Microprocessor.

3. Analog Electronic Circuits (Transistors, Op-amps, Oscillators (Hartley, Colpitt, RC)).

4. Digital Electronics (K-map simplification, Boolean equation simplification, Flip Flops, Counters).

5. Control systems (Formula for rise time, settling time and other parameters).

6. C programming snippets.

Aptitude: Questions on Verbal Ability (RC Passage, Vocabulary), Logical Reasoning Questions, Quantitative Ability (Profit and Loss, Time and Distance, Permutation and Combination, Time and Work, Simple Equations and other related topics).

Around 600 students participated in the written round. Out of these students, 150 students were shortlisted for the technical interview.

Technical Interview:

Questions are asked to measure your grasp of basics of various subjects. Micro-controllers, C and C++ Programming Concepts (like Pointers, Structures, Classes), Analog Electronics (Transistor Basics), Digital Circuit Theory (Basics of MUX, DEMUX, ENCODER, DECODER).

The selection also depends on the manner in which a student approaches a question.

Questions are asked on the projects carried out by the candidate, hobbies and achievements.

Out of 150 candidates who participated in this round, 75 were shortlisted for the next round.

HR Interview:

Questions here are targeted on the company objectives, higher studies, family background and academic achievements.

Skim through the company's official website and get a clear picture of the projects that the company is working on.

Final Selection: A total of 50 people (EC: 25, EEE: 8, TE: 3, IS and CS: 8, ME: 6) were selected for the job.

NOTE: Very few core jobs are on offer. Software companies are not looking at engineers from core branches. All this makes this offer a coveted prize.

Even if you are one among the best engineers in the country, it is very difficult to land up a deserving job offer. Patience is a key.

BOSCH is one of the very few companies that is not biased on any aspect and does not look for references. True talent is valued in the company.

All the best and give it your best shot!


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