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Oracle Financial Services Software (OFSS) - Bangalore & 14th FEB 2014

Oracle Financial Services Software (OFSS) - Bangalore, Feb-2014.

Hi I'm Naveen from Bangalore.

In our college around 200 peoples were attended.

The selection process shall comprise of the following three stages:

Stage 1: Aptitude test.
Stage 2: Technical interview.
Stage 3: Behavioral interview.

The Aptitude test shall be an online multiple choice test and shall assess basic coding skills, basic computer knowledge & engineering aptitude skills.

Each stage is an elimination round.

Aptitude test.

1) 10 qns Quantitative (10Qns 10mins very easy).
2) Computer basics-study ADA.
3) flowcharts-it can answer there only.
4) quick table matching problem (10qns 10mins).
5) English short passage Qns.
6) Coding skill -40min 20qns (Based on Data structure concentrated on Trees and other concepts).

NOTE:-Every section is With separate time count so you can relax after completing every section.

Out of 200 candidates 24 were shortlisted for next round.

I was one among 24 Peoples.

Technical Interview:

Welcome with Good morning.

He: tell me about yourself.
Me: told.

He: seen my resume and ask which project you done?
Me: DBMS project.

He: write your project architecture.
Me: wrote and explained.

He: asked for table creation in SQL.
Me: wrote.

He: asked lots of queries to write.
Me: wrote and explained all.

He: asked some general qns.
Me: answered all with confidence.

He: told ok. Naveen I think interview was over.
Me: thank you sir.

Those who cleared technical round were called for HR interview.

I was selected.

HR interview:

She: please take seat.
Me: thank you.

She: where are you from.
Me: told.

She: Are you confident that you will clear technical interview.
Me: YES (with confident and reason).

She: why do you wanted to join our company?
Me: told.

She: tell me what do you know about our company.
Me: told.

She: tell me unique quality in you.
Me: told with example.

She: in your resume you mentioned you can blend into team. Could you explain.
Me: explained.

She: asked some general personal Qns.
Me: told all.

She: ok naveen thank you.
Me: with smile thank you.

The our results were announced 7 peoples were selected.

I'm one among them.

Thanks to my parents, friends.

Thank you for reading.



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