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Infosys Interview Experience - Hubli, Jan 6th, 2016

Hi all, I attended the Infosys pool drive held at Kleit Hubli.

The first round was Aptitude. It consisted of 3 categories:

1.Quantitative Ability - 10 Questions 35 Minutes (puzzle, number series, permutation and combination, probability).

2. Reasoning Ability - 15 Questions 25 Minutes (data interpretation, syllogism, visual, reasoning).

3. Verbal Ability - 40 Questions 35 Minutes (Grammar, Comprehension, Vocabulary and Critical Reasoning, 10 Questions each).

Sectional Cut-off : Yes.

Negative Marks : No.

Infosys stresses on verbal ability and you need to be well prepared because there is sectional cut-off.

Aptitude results were announced and only 28 people had cleared out of 500+!!!

Five people from our college had cleared apti. :).

The Interview was scheduled on 8th Jan. So we got a day for preparation.

As I was from ECE I had just glanced on C and C++.

The interview process started at 9.00 AM in the morning. I was called or the interview in the first batch (technical+HR).

HR was a very senior person. Interview started with formal questions like tell me about yourself. Be prepared completely with whatever you have written in your resume. They will ask everything based on your resume. It's just that BE CONFIDENT. That is what they will be looking for. Be proper in way you deliver your response. Basic technical questions from your skill set mentioned in your resume will be asked.

The results were announced soon on the same day. Out of 28 I guess around 22 were selected.

If you clear the apti it will be a cakewalk to get in to Infy, specified that YOU ARE CONFIDENT!!


If destined see you at INFY!


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