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CTS Interview Experience - Chennai, February 11, 2016

Hello, I would like to share my experience of CTS which is held on 11th Feb at Agni Engineering College. We were nearly 3500+ students and there were calling alphabetic wise college since my college letter starts with 'S'. I was waiting for more than 5 hours. 

First round is GD. Then I assembled in GD room and we are 30 members, one lady HR has came and she told to prepare our own topic, also she gave us 2 min for preparation. I spoke about current topic Digital India. To me the way I spoke gave me full satisfaction and I was eagerly waiting for my results in the same room. 

The thing is that they didn't select me. Only 9 got selected out of 30. I don't know at what criteria she selected that 9members, then I came to know few of the batches in the next room 3/4th of the students got selected, ie 22/30 by hearing all this I got fed up and am totally upset and finally I convinced myself.

Hello friends. Its all depends on the HR who comes to us.

Few HRs are really lethargic and never bother about us. All they see is their one day packages, I never here to blame the HR. But few are like that to break our dreams.

So if you face such situations never mind and keep going. Something even better is waiting for us in our next step! I wish you all success take life ease and move on.


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