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Robert Bosch Interview Experience - Bangalore, September 29 2015

Placement Paper And Interview Experience.

Placement Paper:

It had 60 questions which were to be answered in 60 minutes. It had 35 Technical questions and 25 (Verbal+Quant+Logical). 1 Mark for right answer and -0.25 for wrong answer.

Technical Section (Electronics) : I had all questions mainly based on 8051 (PSW, SCON, TMOD, TCON register imp) , 8086 (Operating voltage-5V) , Transistors (FET and MOSFETS) , Op-amps, Digital Electronics (K-map simplification, Boolean eq simplification, Flip Flops, counters (MOD35 counter has how many flip flops?) , Control systems (Prob settling time-formula based), C program (Output based questions) Also try to refer previous year question papers it will help a lot.

Verbal was easy, Quant had questions based on averages, percentage, profit and loss, ratio n proportion etc. Logical had Blood relations, Sitting arrangement kind of question.

Time management is Very important.


Out of 300 people who attended online test they shortlisted 75 for interviews.

It consisted of technical as well as HR interview.

Technical interview tests an individual about all his basic knowledge about his/her domain of study. For this being very strong with all the basics is very important.

Some of questions being asked to me were based on Filters, Op-amps, C++, Digital electronics, Micro-controller (8051, MSP430) , Transistors etc.

They asked about all the projects which I had mentioned in my Resume.

HR interview was good. Questions were Tell me about yourself, Positives and negatives, Why Bosch, Why should we hire you, Biggest achievement in life, Future goals etc.


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