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L&T Infotech - PIET Panipat. September 2014

L&T Infotech visited panipat in sept 2014. Reporting time was 9 am and there were around 4000 students,


1- Written test (60 questions 60 minutes).
2- Group discussion. 
3- Tech + HR.

1- Written test.

The first round was written  test consists of 3 sections APTI, LOGICAL AND ENGLISH.

   -> APTI was not that difficult standard level I attempted around 16 17 questions.
   -> ENGLISH was quite simple.
   -> LOGICAL was of pretty low level.

Around 400 to 500 students were selected for the second round out of 4000. So first round was really the deciding round work on your speed and you will surely make it.

2 - G.D. 

Next round we came across was G.D out of 10 students 5 were selected it was also an easy round if you were speaking even a bit you were selected.

3 - Tech + HR.

The first question was the universal one "introduce yourself" and then the interviewer asked stuff from my resume.

As the profile was software developer so they were only considered about coding and logical and I was asked from data structures stacks queue and all. To be truthful I didn't know the exact coding but I tried my best and explained the logical. So the basic thing for final round is you should be confident and you should be clear about logics. 

Result came after one week and I got selected. 

For L&T infotech the main key is clearing the first round and also confidence in later rounds. 

All the best to all who are going for the interview :).


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