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CTS Interview Experience - CHENNAI, FEB 10, 2016 TNSLPP

Hi all, I attended CTS interview. I would like to share few with you.

There are four rounds.

1. GD/JAM.
2. General apps (verbal and reasoning only).
3. Technical HR.
4. Personal HR.

In first round, they had given one minute time to think about own topic.

After the self intro, we had to talk about the topic for 5 min. This is JAM.

In second round, I found difficulty in verbal, but reasoning was very easy for me.

- Reasoning : 30 questions (30 min).
- Verbal : 25 questions (30 min).

After completion of these two rounds, the results were announced on Anna university page at night. I also selected for third round.

Next day, As I am an ECE student I was asked about my department based questions. I was asked the questions about each and every words in my resume like paper presentation, workshop, etc.

After that, HR asked about the C, Data structures, C++.

The results of 3rd round announced within 10 mins.

In fourth round, HR asked me about my project and my project team members.

The next day results were announced on Anna university page.

I also selected in CTS. Hard work and luck gives best way.

Thank you CTS.


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