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Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. (OFSS) - Hyderabad, August 17, 2012

Degree: B.E. Electrical & Electronics


There was only one interviewer.
- Tell me about yourself.
- Why is your CGPA low?
- Asked me to write an SQL query on Joins.
- Asked me about entity-relationship model.
- Looked at my CV, asked me in detail regarding my projects.
- Extra-curricular activities.
- If I had any questions for him.


Prepare the general questions well. For example, "Tell me about yourself". The interviewer doesn't want to know where you studied or what your hobbies are. You should paint a picture of yourself so as the interviewer knows what kind of a person you're. And, don't speak for more than 2 mins!

Relax yourself. Think of the interview as a conversation with a stranger, not as a job interview.

Answer the questions tactfully. Take your time, think the answers in your head for a few seconds and communicate clearly. Follow the KISS principle - Keep it Simple and Straightforward.

You should know what the company does, who its clients are etc. Read the company profile.

Ask him 3-4 good questions when your turn comes. Prepare such questions beforehand.

Prepare well in advance for the technical interview - basics of C/C++, SQL, databases. Avoid cramming for interviews.

It's important that you do not skip your breakfast/lunch in the process. Trust me, you can't give your 100% if you skip your meals.

All the best! Hope this helps!


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