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Hi Friends

Caritor conducted campus drive in ANITS. I was one of the 30 students selected out of 130(approx.) students. 

The written test which started at 3:30 PM was very easy. In fact the English section was dead easy (I finished it in 2 mins.) The aptitude and quant sections were easy too.

Caution: As the people from Caritor itself will be the invigilators, avoid being caught by helping others. A few of my friends were caught.

Anyhow after the test there was a Pre-Placement Presentation (the most boring part) They announced the results at around 5 PM. The results were announced according to the batches to be seated in the GD.

The GDs started just after the results were announced. The topic which I got was "The Role of Communication in IT Industry". The other topics were "Is Cricket God?", "6 Semester Campus Selection or 8  Semester Campus Selection",etc. We were 13 in each batch. 6 from our batch got through. In one of the batches all the 13 got through.

Later the interviews started immediately. There was a technical round where I was asked to write a C prog which I felt is the most difficult. I did that wrong. Then he asked me about my favorite subject in engg. (I'm from ECE). I chose Analog Communications. He concentrated on the basics. Then there is one round in which your personal details are asked (just to fill a form) Then the HR round started. That was quite easy.

Caution: Don't ever talk about GRE, GATE etc. Tell that ur first priority is a job in a software company. A few of my friends said that they wanted to study further. They could not get through. He may lure you into the trap. The HR asked the date on which he is going to write his GRE. This was asked after a series of rapid fire questions and he just slipped his tounge. A fatal mistake which cost him his offer. 

Half an hour later we were given the offer letters and a brief talk. This happened at 3'o clock early in the morning. So all the best for your interview.


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