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HCL Interview Experience - Vels University & February 16, 2015

I wrote my AMCAT on Feb 14th(Sat) at Vels University.
It was very easy.

I cleared it and attended my TECH + HR on feb 16th(Mon).


I registered only at 12 pm so I was called very late to attend technical round.
After waiting till 7.30 pm from morning., I attended TECH Round., the HR was very kind, he saw my resume and asked C Programming questions

1. What is Variable ?
2. What is Pointer ?
3. What is Local variable ?
4. What is Global variable ?

And then he asked me being ECE., why you choose IT company ?

I answered all questions correctly and genuinely, then he told me I am selected and he asked to attend HR interview downstairs.,


I attended and HR told about relocation, Service agreement and also asked to tell about myself., that's all.

I signed a form and left from there.

I got offer letter on feb 27th 11.30 pm.

Now waiting for my DOJ :).

I am posting this because IndiaBix helped me a lot for me 
Be confident and prepare well and all the best for guys and girls reading this now


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