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ORACLE Financial Service Interview Experience - Coimbatore, January 23, 2012

Hi friends,

I'm glad to share my experience on attending ORACLE Interview in Coimbatore Sri Sakthi Engineering college. It was an off campus interview. Around 17 colleges in and around CBE participated.

First Round:

1st rnd was an ONLINE APTITUDE TEST 

It contained topics like 

  1. General Aptitude
  2. Verbal (Basic grammar)
  3. CSE Technical (JAVA, C, DBMS, RDBMS and many more.. it was a bit tough)

From around 1500 -1700 students 160 students cleared the 1st round.
The results of 1st round were sent to respective colleges.

2nd Round:

This Was conducted nearly after 20 days.  It was a technical HR. Questions were on RDBMS, DBMS, SQL, MYSQL, C,JAVA software engineering.. All were basic questions.

Around 25 -30 students clearde 2nd round.

3rd round:

It was a General HR round.
Really cool round.
All the HR were really cool and ehusiactic..
Finally 22students got selected in ORACLE Financial Service

I would share the interview questions in my next posts.


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