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L&T Infotech Interview Experience - D Y Patil college of Engg. Pune, 16 Sept 2014

Hi friends, this is my experience of interview at lnt infotech campus placement drive at our college in my 7th sem.

The interview process was for 2 days i.e. 16 & 17 Sept 2014.

LNT Infotech as we know is one of the reputed company having lot of opportunities to grow and maximum onsite opportunities.

For campus placements LNT Infotech has two types.

1. Toppers criteria students (15% toppers of each branch).
2. Rest students satisfying eligibility criteria.

1. For toppers of circuit branches (cse, it, &all electronic branches) there was no apti. Round.
2. For remaining students including toppers of non circuit branches all the rounds were there.

The L&T infotech intervieW process consists of:

1. Pre placement talk.
2. Aptitude test.
3. Group discussion.
4. Paragraph writing.
5. Technical round.
6. Hr round.

Since I was from toppers criteria and from E&TC branch I was directly admitted to GD round.

In the pre placement talk they explain all the facts of company, your role in the company, Package, eligibility criteria for engineering : post is GET (graduate engineer Trainee), Package 3 lakhs.

The salary is for 1st one year. From 2nd year it will be according to Company norms (said in pre placement talk).

For postgraduate: package 3.5 lakhs.


The topic given was : Advertisement is that all glitter, but not true.

There were 12 members in my group.

Since the topic was quite initially confusing so most my group mates didn't understand the meaning.

I started the conversation with warm welcome to all and started explaining the things.

After this hearing my points others to started to speak on that.

The discussion lasted for 25 min. After the discussion out of 12, 8 were selected.

Luckily our GD batch was most lucky to get selected 8 members else in other batches only 4/5 were selected.

The reason that we come to know later was in our batch the chaos of dominating others while talking, shouting unnecessarily was quite less & to my knowledge the unselected among us were those who didn't speak at all.

This is one instruction/request to candidates who are willing to start is never wait for judge to say start because already when judge gives you topic she/he gives you a time of 1 min. So after this time you can start without hesitating.

Your english, body language, projection matters a lot.

Finally I got selected in GD.


This is not elimination round but helps in selection in HR round.

Neat and clean english, your views are important.

MY topic was Three changes to be made if I were a PM of India.

After Paragraph writing documents submission is there, kind request is carry all Marksheets because this documents along with report card (performance rate card filled By lnt officials after each round) is kept for reference to technical round and HR round.

So if you miss any document then the cannot view your academic performance and Due to negligence towards interview they may reject you.

3. Technical Interview:

The first technical interview of the day was mine.
Technical interview was quite easy.
The interviewer asked me about the difference between c and java.
This was the only question. That was asked to me.

But be prepared with C, C++, networking basics.

Since I was from E&TC the questions was quite easy.

Friends do not worry if you do not give more answers, because one question that for.

100% they ask is about your projects, so if you explain it with clear understanding then its quite ok. Also your confidence matters a lot, keep you face smiley.

I was selected in Technical Round.

4. HR interview:

Our Hr was lady from L&T Infotech.

Very friendly HR so felt comfortable.

The questions were:

1. Introduce yourself.
2. Which profile do you like to work in.

This question was somewhat confusing for me because I didn't knew what exactly profile.

Means. So I asked her what is meant by profile. After I was quite disappointed Because I didn't knew such a common word and bit worried.

3. Since before attended this interview I faced interviews of Infy and Techmahindra but not selected, so she asked me about the reasons of not getting selected there, I replied the truth instead telling something superficial.

4. She asked me to compare three companies i.e. Infy, TechMahindra, L&T infotech.

I firmly sticked to l&t infotech and at last by mistake said L&t as MNC which was wrong. So she told me that it is not mnc and asked me why I told it as MNC.

5. Then she asked me about my hobbies. I told her that my hobby is reading newspaper and she started asking me about todays headlines and I confidently told some wright and some wrong headlines.

6. She asked me about relocation ability.

7. Finally she asked me ask questions about L&T Infotech.

Finally out of 120, 35 were selected and I was one of them.

Kind request is be positive, do not lose hope and be prepared yourself.


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