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Hi Friends

I am Ambica of 4th year E.C.E.

total attended: 500.
after written+essay: 144
after G.D:83
after technical round:59
after H.R:55

At first we are said to write essay about "lesson that u had learned from your life". This is not an elimination round. In written exam 3 sections are there, there is section cutoff.

In 1st section we have 15 problematic from probability, time and distance, time & work, etc these are all from R.S.Aggarwaal, in this 7Q must be correct. 

2nd section we have 10 verbal from prepositions, articles, in this 6 must be correct, these are from G.R.E barrons.

3rd section has 10 logical reasoning questions, in this also 6 must be correct.

In G.D we got topic "Is public sector must be privatised". 

Technical round is some what easy. I am the first person get through. then I went for H.R. This whole process was done in a single day. Then results was announced next day. I am very happy that I was the first person to take the call letter in my college.

ex of logical reasoning is: A person started from his cabin towards north at some place he saw a bear. He ran after it and killed it and again came to his cabin, what is the colour of bear. 


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