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Robert Bosch Interview Experience - HUBLI BVBCET 17/7/2015

Robert Bosch selected 64 students across all branches at B. V. B college, Hubli. I was one of them.

Branch: Mechanical.

Eligibility Criteria.

10th- 70% & above.

PUC/ Diploma- 70% & above.

Engineering- CGPA 7.75 & above with no History of Backlogs i.e. you must have cleared each semester in First Attempt.


Total: 60 questions, 60 minutes.

Technical: 35 questions.

(Important subjects:MOM, TOM, FM, CAD & THERMODYNAMICS).

Aptitude: 20 questions.

Verbal: 5 questions (ERROR DETECTION, PASSAGE etc.).

Each question carries 1 mark and 0.25 -ve for wrong answer. Aptitude can be solved easily if you go through some basic formulas from IndiaBix. If you have time do refer R.S.Agarawal as well.

Technical Round:

First thing asked was just an ice-breaker, like tell me about yourself, and a quick and brief questions based on your resume.

Which is your favourite subject and why?

(Be confident in what ever you answer. Be thorough with your favourite subject's basics. ).

Be sure you are perfect with your projects. They tend to ask lot of questions relating to your projects.

Tip: If you have out-standing achievements/have worked on projects relating to automobiles/Have an internship it gives you an edge over the others.

HR round:

- Tell me about your family?
- Why joined Mechanical engg?
- What do you do in your free time?
- Why Bosch?
- Area of interest?
- Are you interested in higher studies?
- What will you do if your teammates do not work?

Tip: Be confident and answer to the point (don't beat around the bush).

Hope this may help some of you if not all. All the best.


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