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Oracle finance Interview, Mumbai 19-Nov-2011

Hiee Friends...

I am Apurvaa...
After lot of frustrations and discouragement.. finally I approached for oracle finance.. which was scheduled as a pool campus at Thakur College of Engineering , Kandivili on 17th Nov 2011.

Around 36 colleges were der to participate.
We were allotted time span of 12 am for Online Aptitude test..

Round1: Online Aptitude test was bit tricky.. consist of,
It consist of various rounds like.

1. Quant
3. C
5. S/w Engg
6. Computer basics
7. Solving flowchart

They will give only 10 questions from quants..it is really time consuming..prepare well..rest of the section is easy..prepare for c and c++..some ADA concepts,flowchart(really easy)..n the English section can be solved pretty fast.. just be alert and prepare well for time management..

There were also section of fill the records by searching  it from given DB..

Just wanted to advice, please Be confident and refresh all ur previous memories and start with new efforts.. 

Online test results were declared by the same day and were informed us through mails..

After 2 days I was asked for intervws..
Round 2: Technical Interview

Technical Interview was the best part.. The Inter viewer was a cool person.. It last for 45 mins..
First he asked me abut my name..
I told him...
next asked me abt my favorite Subject..
den y dat it is  ur favourite subject..
gave me some puzzles related to management as i told dat it was fav subject..
he was quite impressed..
lastly he asked me how to tell concept of inheritance to small 5yr kid using real world exampls..

asked me about location compatibility..

just within 5mins I was told dat I got Selected and I hav to approach for HR round..

The arrangement for too systematic.. 

Round 3: HR round

It was just a simple intrvw where the aged person asked me abt my family background, Oracle Finance, and compatibility of location..
here, main concerned is on ur communication skills..

Just within 5mins as I came out, I was informed dat I was selected..


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