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Oracle Financial Services Interview - Bangalore, November 1, 2011

Hello friends,

This is prakhar sahu from east west institute of technology,bangalore. i got placed in ORACLE financial services yesterday..n i would like to help u all with the selection process..the selection process consists of:

1. Aptitude test:

It is divided into 3 sections
      -Computer basics
      - S/w engg test
      - Verbal test
They will give only 10 questions from quants..it is really time consuming..prepare well..rest of the section is easy..prepare for c and c++..some ADA concepts,flowchart(really easy)..n the english section can be solved pretty fast..

You dont hav to perform extraordinarily in the paper..just stick to basics..n u will clear this round.. to be frank,i dint think that i will clear this round..because i heard there r around 4900 students attending the test..the exam was online..n conducted for 3 or 4 days in a row..luckily i cleared it.

2. Technical HR

They can really ask anything in technical hr..prepare well for all the subjects..but only the basics are required..u need to be thorough with c, c++ n dbms for sure.

interviewer:tell me about urself.
interviewer:strength n weakness
interviewer:wap for showing whether a number is prime or not.
interviewer:she gave a situation n told me to draw a flowchart for it..
me:did it
interviewer:she gave me a table n asked me 2 queries
me:did it..it took some time but solved it..n she was really impressed ..
interviewer:r u familiar with os?
me:told her i don remember properly as i am not in touch wid the subject..i am strong in c,c++ n dbms..
interviewer:wat about java?
me:kno the basics..yet to give java this semester..
interviewer:is java object oriented..y? portable..then y?n some basic ques..
me:told everything..though i cudnt recall some..but told her something..
interviewer:she asked me about linker,loader,assembler..
me:told her but not completely correct answers.
interviewer:about the project.
me:xplained her properly..

The main thing is to keep ur cool..answer the logical questions correctly..like if she gives u a program , try to solve it ..because that will count more than the theory questions..my frnz got the questions from computer network n software engineering also..
at last asked her about the period of training n the languages to work on. i went at 7 in the morning n they took my technical hr  at 7 in the evening..i was tired n wanted it to b over soon..but when i went inside..i thought to give it my best..
the results were announced for me within 10 min..as it was getting late n the behaviorial hr was also to be held the same day..many students had got the results by then n were leaving..i waited for the behaviorial hr..

3. Behavioral HR

i was waiting for behavioral hr..if u clear the technical round..then this is just a formality until n unless u go n speak..dont sit silently..just speak..very few people got eliminated in this round..

interviewer:how was ur day?
interviewer:it must hav been tiring?
me:i was happy for clearing the tech hr..so i told her it was worth it..
interviewer:y hav ur mrks deproved after 10th.
me:watching cricket,listening to music,painting
interviewer:tell me a recent incident in cricketing world
me:told her about a match but she was asking something else..then told her about salman butt's match fixing case
interviewer:wat was the biggest news in the past 1 month?
me:india won against england 5-0..that was the biggest news for me..
she laughed n asked me anything other than that..i told steve jobs died..
interviewer:tell me something about steve jobs.
me:i knew everything about steve jobs..told her easily for around 3-4 minutes..she was impressed.
interviewer:which paper do u read..what supplements do u get along wid it..
interviewer:y do wanna join oracle?
me:told confidently
interviewer:where do u see urself after 5 years?
me:gave a very good answer
that was it for the day..i was the last person for behavioral hr round..technical was over around half an hour before..since i was the last person ..mostly everybody had left..a lady from oracle called me inside her cabin..n she shook hands n told u r selected..i was very happy n said her thank u..

So u just need to be cool n confident..don screw the technical hr round..if u pass this then u r 90% in..

All the best guys..!


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