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L&T Infotech Interview Experience - Chandigarh, Sept 23rd-24th 2014

This was the first time I was facing any job interview. Earlier, I had appeared for campus placement drives by a couple of companies, but was rejected in the written/apti round.

The placement procedure had 5 rounds, namely.

1. Apti(quant, reasoning & english) weightage is 20*3 & you get 60 min to solve it.
2. GD.
3. Paragraph writing.
4. Technical interview.
5. HR interview.

Around 2500 students from all over North India had attended the drive. The apti round was quite easy, but the major elimination round. The one and only one mantra to crack this round is "time management". If you get stuck in one ques, or devote much more time that required, you are gone. Apti does not require special preparation, but it requires speed, and presence of mind. Some data interpretation questions may seem irritating, so go through the pattern well in advance.

Next was GD round. The key to crack this round is "never ever" dare to put your points in hindi. Use english only, be confident and yaa. Don't speak kindaa RIP english. You are evaluated on your fluency, flow and not on the relevance and content of the topic. So, just stay around the topic, thats enough.  (ours was '100 days of Modi government ').

Next the paragraph writing round is not an elimination round. Along with you have to fill four forms, which will contain your every details, starting from your projects to your skills. Just fill that properly. And do not fake anything there, you will be caught eventually.

The interview is not so easy, but yaa not tough too. They go into every thing that you have mentioned in those forms. Stay calm and yaa again, be confident and be prepared to face project related questions.

Some questions that I was asked include:

- A program to find factorial of a no Using recursion.

- What if we put negative no In that as input? extend the code with exception handling.

- Explain shortest path algorithm.

- Dijkshatra's and Bellmanford algos (no code, just overview).

- Windows server related questions, latest version, DHCP etc.

- Normalization, difference bet 3NF and BCNF.

- Key related question in database.

- A network was made by the interviewer, and I was said to calculate the shortest path.
(and few more, I can not remember it).

The HR round is quite easy, you only need to be confident and fluent. You need to show that you are the right candidate for the company, and if they select you, you won't leave the company, or it won't be their wrong decision to select you.

And yaa, do study about the company, their profile, and do not say scripted answers, just be spontaneous.  (There is no right or wrong answer as far as HR question are concerned, Answers may vary from person to person).

Finally 250 were selected on final declaration of results.

At last, best of luck to all aspiring to get into this enterprise.


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