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CTS Interview Experience - Vizag, 20 December 2015

Hi every one.

We had CTS drive through JKC a week ago. 1st of all we need to have 70%, nearly 3503 members were shortlisted to attend the drive.

1st round--> GD/JAM.

Our batch had 25 members and HR conducted JAM by allocating 30 seconds to each person.

He pickup 10 out of us it went on very easily.

2nd round--> WRITTEN ONLINE.

It's very easy and simple application of logics help us to crack, no aptitude, we had only logical reasoning and verbal questions.

Out of 3503 he selected 500 with these 2 rounds.

3rd round--> TR (depends on your resume and answers provided by you)

1. About myself.
2. Questions on abstraction and inheritance.
3. My project.
4. DBMS joins.
5. JSP.
6. CSS.
7. HTML.

4th round---> HR.

1. My family.
2. Aspiration.
3. Achievements.
4. Reason to choose engineering.
5. Am I able to work with any domain?

At last 204 got selected out of 3503 and I am the one among them. All the best good luck.


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