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Virtusa Pvt Ltd Interview Experience - Hyderabad, December 2, 2015

Hello Guys,

I attended Virtusa written test in Hyderabad. Written test consists of two sections. First section they asked on SQL, Java, UML, Software Engineering. SQL questions based on Joins. Try to understand question much quicker. 

Second II they asked to write a program which is somewhat typical they asked to create a list of employees with name, salary, address as input(Input info they gave). They asked to display list of employees based on salaries in increasing order. 

Technical round: HR asked my resume and asked about myself. I told. They started asking questions on JAVA, SQL, Software engineering, UML (As they asked in Written test).

1) Class definition.

2) Object creation syntax and how many ways are there to create object in Java.

3) Array List definition and syntax, how can you add elements in Array List.

4) Collection Framework.

5) Final vs constant.

6) Static.

7) Final vs finally vs finalize.

8) Asked one query to display names which starts with L.

9) Phases in software.


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