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Tata Consultancy services Interview Experience - Bhilai, March 20, 2016

Hello, everyone. I attended three interviews of three companies and I am proud to say that I have been selected in 3 top companies of India. Well talking about TCS here.

My interview was 3 rounds having Technical followed by Managerial and then lastly HR round.

Firstly my technical, well I went in greeting the two sir's and then they asked my brief introduction. As I am a girl of Mechanical branch. He was quite interested to know why I choose mechanical being a girl, then he had a certain question regarding my activities and interest, then he jumped on technical part asked me few questions like the 3rd law of thermodynamics, pascal's law and some more basic. One of the important concern was to check my confidence and smartness and there were some more twisting questions and some easier one also like write an algorithm to add three natural numbers and so on although I managed to be patient and answered them smartly.

Secondly, My technical was continued by managerial round. In this round, he asked me various tricky and situational questions like a comparison with some other company and some personal questions also regarding the relationship and then some moral questions just to test whether I am loyal and trustworthy towards my duties.

Then I was called for the HR round. Although I have faced earlier 2 interviews and was selected in it so this made me little more confident because everybody is not called for HR round. Only a few are being called. Well, I entered softly and then he just started with that why I have chosen IT field and why TCS. This is the most asked question and they always pretend that they are not satisfied with your answer. Then he started my stress interview. He started questions on robotics and sensors and their mechanism. I couldn't answer his questions but tried to listen patiently and explained to him whatever part I knew. He was stuck to the same topic watching me like he will eat me. He was too dominant, whatever answer I gave him he disagreed and started making me confuse. Then, in the end, he told me about TCS bond policy and then about relocation. I never had such kind of an HR interview before. It was highly disappointing and I thought that I will not be selected. But after 3 days I got TCS mail and soon the offer letter too. Guys what is important is trust yourself its just a couple of confidence, truth and your smartness which gets you to be selected or rejected. :).


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