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HI friends, I'm Pramod Kumar  studying in E.C.E dept. at MNM Jain engg. college and i got selected in off campus interview conducted at Savitha Engg. college..i'd lik to share my interview expiriance with u....the selection process is split in to 3 parts

1. Online test
2. Tech. Hr
3. Behavioural interview

Online test:

This was the bit tuf,80 question in 1hr 20 min ,many ppl got filtered in this round,oly 4 were cleared this from our coll...it has 3 sections..1. math aptitude skill and logical(go through R.S agarwal verbal n quants),practise many sums so that u can improve ur speed,because time limit is very less 2.software engneering.prepare os,c,c++ n sql(basic knowledge is more than enough),they'll also give u a flow chart n ask u 5 questions based on it...3rd section'll test ur english skills..its very easy..just go through tenses n preposition,they'll also give a comprehension n ask 5 questions based on it(easy)...work hard for clearing apt. test. go through as many placement papers as possible go through papers of freshers world, india bix....

Tip: practise doing lots of online tests so that u can improve your speed..

next day selected candidates wer asked to attend hr interview.

Tech HR:

This round was easy for me...i was asked some basic hr. questions lik..tell me about ur self?,family background and some basic questions from c,c++ lik pointers,y do we use pointers?n questions on c++ basics as i was form non it background.....for it students u hav to be strong in programming skills lik ds,c,c++,sql


Nearly 50 students cleared tech round,next was behavioural.. 
my behavioral int. went good..my hr was very cool person.

hr: good evening,take ur seat..
me: good evening sir
hr: say something about ur self..
hr: tell me 2 weakness of ur's?
me said
hr: tell me about ur strength?
hr: wat makes u unique from others?
hr:talk for 2min on 'IT UPDATION'...
me: talked n gave him some examples which we come across in day today life..
hr:y should i recriut u?
me said...
hr: ok pramod,nice meeting u..
me:thank u sir...
tip:talk boldly n be casual..speak as u talk to ur friend n convey ur point clearly..give them examples to convey ur thoughts n share ur expiriance..  
next day results were announced,24 wer selected at last from about 1000ppl appeared from 20 college..i'm one of it..
guys ofss usually recruits  less no ppl but u make sure ur place is reg. in it....hard work n trust in god'll definitely make u suceed....i'm very happy to be a part of my dream comapny...

All the best friends..meet u at Oracle.


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