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CTS Interview Experience - Vizag, Dec 18, 2015

Hi, Everyone.

I attended a pool drive for CTS. We are called for drive from JKC with percentage criteria of 70% across all academics.

Selection process:

1. GD/JAM with 30 people.

2. Selected candidates from round 1 are eligible for written exam.

- Logical, Aptitude and English competency.

3. TR and HR.


We are called for GD according to serial numbers and we are asked to select our topics and they mentioned that the topics shouldn't be repeated. After everyone completed talking about their topics names were announced and only 6 members out of 30 are selected and I am one among them. Just be confident and choose the topic wisely. Don't try to make impression, just be yourself and you will clear this round.


Written exam is comparatively easy and anyone can easily get through it it.

- Data interpretation.
- Analytical reasoning.
- Comprehensive passages.
- Synonyms.

Nearly 80% of the people who entered for written cleared it.


I was literally very scared about this because nearly 30 members came empty hand from the TR. There are nearly 25-30 panels and my name was called and they asked me to enter the panel no.15.

Interviewer is quite friendly. I felt good the way he spoke to me.

1. Tell me about yourself - Told.

[tip: Tell it such a way so that he will like you. Not that about you are interns and etc, but just tell about only you.]

2. What are your favourite subjects?

3. Strengths.

4. Weakness.

5. Questions from DBMS.

- What is difference between DB and DBMS?
- What is difference between DBMS and RDBMS?
- What is difference between DBMS and My SQL?

6. Program to remove duplicate values - Done.

7. Program to print triangle.
   5            9
6  4  2  4  2  8  1 

- Not done.

Its ok, if you don't know anything just tell confidently that you don't know it.

7. DBMS - Joins.

8. What you learned from this interview?

He asked me to wait outside to know whether I cleared the TR or not. Some 10-15 members are waiting outside for result like me and they announced names and mine is one among it and they took us for the HR.


It's just conducted for formality nothing much to worry about this round.

1. Why CTS?

2. Why should I hire you?

3. Will you relocate anywhere?

4. How many days would you work for minimum?

Read the terms and conditions of the company and sign it. The terms are not any bond but it said that I am willing to relocate anywhere where the company sends me and accepts any designation offered by the company.

Those who ever competed TR also cleared HR and the final list of selections was revealed next day and luckily I am one among the 204 selections.


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