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Tata Consultancy Services Interview Experience - Kolkata, 19-03-2016

Hello, friends.

I appeared for the TCS off campus drive at Rajarhat Newtown. I am sharing the interview experience. There were three rounds in case of me.

1st round:

It was a purely technical round. The questions were,

- Design an XOR Gate with minimum hardware and explain the function with logical mathematics.

I answered successfully.

He asked me some basic questions about C programming like, 

- What is pointer?

- The difference between Structure and Array?

- What is union?

- What is the extension of a C program file, etc?

I answered all these successfully. Then he praised of my marks of secondary, H.S and semesters. So guys if you have scored good in your academic part then it will give a positive impact for sure. Then he told my interview was over and let me to go.

After waiting for sometimes I was called for my 2nd round.

2nd round:

Me: May I come in sir!
Int: Yes, please, have a seat.

Int: Ok tell me about yourself?
Me: Told.

Int: What do you know about TCS?
Me: Told.

Int: Why TCS?
Me: Told.

Int: What are your strengths?
Me: Told.

Int: Why did you miss the chance to be a part of TCS in your on campus?
Me: Told the reasons.

Int: How much did you improve yourself this time?
Me: Told.

Int: Tell me the name of the subject you had in your 5th semester?

This was a tricky question as no one can remind the subject names at that time. So I randomly choose 5 of my favorite subjects and told.

Int: What will you do if Ericsson offered you?
Me: Told.

Then he asked me some questions of my departmental subjects, some of my personal questions about the hobby, about my certificates, etc. Again, this time, he praised of my academic results so truly this is a plus point if you have scored good enough throughout the academic session. 

3rd round:

This round was so simple. 

Int: Being an ECE student why are you interested in software?
Me: Told.

Int: Do you have another job?
Me: Told.

lastly, she told me the terms and conditions of the company and let me go.

Two days later the result was mailed and I was selected.

So friends the basic fact is, you need to be confident at the time of your interview. Answer the questions with smartness and confidence and always possess a positive attitude that "I can do". See you in TCS.


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