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Robert Bosch Engineering & Business solutions Interview Experience - KIIT university, 11th November, 2014

A pool drive was organized in our college. Online test + Technical Interview + HR interview.

I am from EEE branch. CSE, EEE, E&I were allowed in this drive.

Online test had 60 questions. Time- 60 minutes. HirePro conducted it. 

Questions were given from Analog, Digital, Control systems, Microprocessor, Op Amp, Aptitude, Logical reasoning and English. 

Aptitude part (35 Questions) was quite easy.

Technical- Questions were asked from the basics of all the above mentioned subjects like circuits of Logic gates, Boolean algebra, Control & Status pins of 8085, Internal memory of 8051, Routh-hurwitz criterion of stability, Voltage-shunt circuit.

English- One paragraph. 5 questions from it. It was easy.

C programming- One question of output of Pointers.

Out of 165 students 55 cleared the test.

Technical Interview- Questions were asked from Programming, Electronics and Electrical. I was asked how a program gets compiled, Function of Linker, Macro, Preprocessor, asked to write the logic of some programs. A resistive circuit was given and asked to find the current. 

An Aptitude question of Time and Work was given. State maximum power transfer theorem, 
practical application. I was asked if I knew about automation and renewable energy harnessing (Bosch does this stuff). Please read working principles of fan, tube light, AC, DC machines as others were asked about all these.

HR interview- Questions about family background, why EEE, why KIIT, why Bosch, how can you be distinguished in a group of 10 people, final year project, further study plans (please say NO to this). Know your resume properly. Questions popped on hobbies and interests.

19 were finally selected. Be confident and know the basics and most importantly SMILE :)


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