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Hi Friends

I am karthick from Chennai & recently I got placed in Oracle through off-campus held in Sairam Engineering College on August 07, 2010. I will put my experience during my interview here.. 

Nearly 5000-6000 people came for interview and conducted aptitude in batch wise out of which 101 got selected, they conducted technical round (1 to 1) on the same day, only first batch took the technical HR on the same day and I belong to second batch so they asked me to come tomorrow (Thank God!)...

APTITUDE QUESTIONS : TECHNIQUE TO CLEAR.. Oracle Aptitude is very simple, read previous questions, and R.S.Agarwal is more than enough, just read previous question paper same type of problem with some question values are changed. Never break your head with complex problem and all, Apps will be dam easy. 

So next day we came for the Technical Round. They gave a sheet in that we have to fill all our resume data etc etc. So there where 8 panels they made us to sit in the panel, after 5 minutes Oracle people came to my panel he is a very cool man at the age of 30-35.

HR: hi karthick 
ME:hello sir 

HR: how are you feeling today.. 
ME: ya good sir... 

HR: ok, tell about your self 
ME: this question some vanished my fear and I explained him.. 

HR: asked about the final year project 
ME: (waiting for this chance only cos my final year project is my strength) I explained..
he was totally impressed I explained my project abt 30 min.. 

HR: in languages known you mentioned Python, Java, C, which is your favourite ?
ME: I told Java 

HR: ok some of the question are, what is inheritance and types with example
ME: explained well with real time example (guys never give examples from book, instead give example from object near you that will make him that you are not a book worm) 

HR: ok karthi write any program that explain me about multiple inheritance.. 
ME: same wrote with real time example (thanks to HEAD FIRST JAVA) 

HR: ok karthi please wait outside we will get you back 

They asked more questions on SQL Query.. prepare well but I dint face that type of question. I came out of the room, after 5 min a HR came out and told me you are shortlisted for next round. So it was a Managerial Round which is TECH+HR ie 20:80 ratio. I cleared that too and next was general HR which is nothing great they verify your mark sheet once you cleared technical you are 99% inn... So finally one guy came out and told you have been selected. I was very happy at that time I thank my God, Sai Baba giving me a great opportunity to me.. If you have any query mail me at kart_5555@yahoo.co.in


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