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L&T Infotech Interview Experience - Gandhinagar, Nov 6, 2014

Hello All,

I attended L&T Infotech Pool Campus at Gandhinagar. I am a B.E student in Computer engineering and would like to share my experience how I grab that golden chance. :-).

L&T Infotech consists of 5 rounds.

1) Aptitude.
2) Group Discussion.
3) Paragraph Writing.
4) Technical Interview.
5) HR Interview.

In all these rounds Paragraph Writing round is not an elimination round. They just check your english grammar and vocabulary part else the rest rounds are the elimination rounds.

1) Aptitude.

This was an online test consisting of 60 questions and the time limit is 1 HR.

There were 3 sections in this test.

-  Arithmetic questions.

There were 20 questions from topics like time and Distance, Probability, Permutations and Combinations. Time and work, Profit and loss, Problem on ages, Allegations And mixtures, Data Interpretation. etc.

Just prepare from R.S Aggarwal. Its more than enough and refer previous years question papers.

- Reasoning.

This section consisted topics like Seating arrangement, Spot the person speaking true or false, etc. Prepare from Verbal And Non-Verbal by R. S. Aggarwal and IndiaBix.

- Verbal Or English Section.

Synonyms, Antonyms, Spot the error, Fill in the blanks.

This section was quite easy.

The test is not hard at all as it seems. What matters is time management. so don't run out of time. practice some online tests so you can manage time well else its easy to crack the test. Just prepare from IndiaBix and R. S. Aggarwal.

2) Next round was GD.

There were 12-13 students in each group. The topic given to us was
"Online learning vs Classroom learning". Do speak in this round they check your verbal skills and don't panic or hesitate in speaking just speak on the topic given.

3) Then comes Paragraph writing.

This isn't an elimination round. Write well without any errors and spelling mistakes because this is checked in the interview round.

4) Technical Interview.

Be through with the basics of C/C++, DBMS, OOPS, Java, SDLC.

They ask from these subjects.

And be through with your project.

5) HR Interview.

They asked me,

- Tell me about yourself.

- would you like to relocate?

- Family Background.

- Some questions from achievements.

Thats all.

I was very nervous but the interviewer was very friendly so some how i manage my nervousness.

But this round was very easy for me. ;-) 

Just be confident in what you speak. And English is the main focus in interview rounds on how you represent yourself and speak the answers well. if you don't know any answer don't panic just say no else will be fine.

Total around 300-400 students participated in this campus and total 15 students got selected and I was the one among them.

Thank you god.

Hope this will help you in cracking the interview and other rounds.

Best Of Luck.


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