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iGATE Interview Experience - Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad(Gujarat).

Hi, I attended the iGATE campus drive at DDIT - Nadiad (GUJARAT). The crowd was nearly 180 (including other two colleges - BVM & A.D.PATEL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY). The selection process for iGATE was quite easy.

It has three rounds.

1] Written test (offline):

The aptitude test has 50 questions with 60 minutes time. Time management and selection of question is the master key to crack written test and the important thing is that we have to fill circles in OMR sheet. So, be careful with your answers.

To prepare for an aptitude don't try to remember any formulas, only apply proper approach.

"Best way to find solution is elimination of options"

Topics covered in written test: 

1) Quant:

Time and work, Probability, Ratio and proportions, Percentage, Pipes and cistern, S.I and C.I.

2) Logical Reasoning:

Coding and decoding, Mirror image, Blood relations, Syllogisms.

3) Verbal:

RC, Fill in the blanks, Synonyms & Antonyms, Choosing Correct sentence. 

Out of 180 students (Approx.) 28 was selected for the PI. I was one of them!!!

2] Technical Interview.

Feel free because there is no more elimination in TR & HR Round.

Most of Interviewers are frank. If they don't than try to make  a smile on their face by keeping smile on your face during the interview.  

I am from ECE. So interviewer didn't ask me more technical question. Two question were asked by him.

1) Difference between C and C++ and 
2) He told me to explain how C++ is better than C for 'a program to get value of variable from user and print it on standard output device'.

So, go through basic question of C and C++, if you are coming from ECE. If you don't know the answer than don't worry.

Never show nervousness on your face and be confident in your answer.

Express gratitude to him with attitude.

3] HR interview.

HR interviewer was try to confuse me in many questions but I never changed my statement. Make your mind free than and than you can make your self safe from a trap of confusing and rapid questions asked by interviewer.

To clear this round just be confident. Don't try to make foolish them, you will be caught easily.

Do not forgot to express your gratitude towards him.

Finally after a week the results were out. And out of 24, 21 were selected. Luckily, I was one of them. 

Don't loose your hope because "world is wide".

Rejection makes you well - experienced Fresher!!!  

All the best!! and  thank you for reading my interview experience. It may helpful to you.


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