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Virtusa Interview Experience - Chennai, SMK college, 29/01/2015

Hello friends,

Virtusa Selection procedure consisted of 4 rounds:


Ist Round:

Technical online test consisted of 40 questions no negative marking was there. The questions were mainly asked from java alongside dbms, software engineering and data structures. Followed by this there was a program which was given to us. We got to write the program using the java  in 30 minutes. Program will be quite basic. Exact output won't be checked,try to make the program as accurate as possible.A normal average student with basic knowledge of these concepts can easily clear this round.

2nd Round:

In this round basic question from java, sql queries and software models and testing were asked. Questions will be quite basic, know only the basic concepts no need to go into too deep. Study your project thoroughly as they will ask number of questions from there. My interview was conducted for roughly 45 minutes, but its not necessary.

Following were some of the questions which were asked,

1: Explain the program which you wrote in the morning.
2: Explain your project.
2: What is class in java.
4: Syntax of the class.
5. Access modifier.
6: Exception handling.
7: OOPS concepts in java explain all of them well.
8: What is the difference between java and c++.
9: Asked me to write the uml case diagram of the program.
10: Syntax for creating table.
11: Updating table.
12: Stored procedure.
13: Differences among SDLC models.
14: Programming guidelines to follow while writing a program.

3rd Round:

Our topic for the GD was social networking sites a bane or a boon.

In this round you have to speak. The ones who will not speak will be getting eliminated. Basically if you have got good speaking skill then it won't be a problem. Remember that its still an elimination round. 

4rt round:

General HR is quite easy. They will ask basic things about you and what you have mentioned in your resume. Almost everyone got selected here

Note: Concentrate on first two rounds more as you could  easily be eliminated there.
Have basic knowledge about java, dbms, Software engineering and data structures to some extent.

Thank You,
Good Luck.


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