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L & T Interview Experience Mysore - 10 Nov 2014

Actually I am M.Tech Fresher with 1 year internship experience (Its part of my M.Tech Project).

I have applied through a LinkedIn. I got a call from Manager around 12:45 pm he said there will be a technical call @ 2pm.

At right 2pm I got call. 2 Managers sitting in the panel they started asking questions. it was very nice they spoken like by evening I will get offer letter. At last they said HR will get back to you.

After 1 week I got call from HR he said there will be a written test and I got shocked because is there any company does this? written test after technical?

After that I got a mail from HR saying there will be a technical discussion 
type of interview : Face to face.

I thought after call he got to know that I cleared technical around.

After I went to attend interview ridiculous I had written test there. Oh God I did not prepared anything because I was preparing for technical around.

The written test included.

6 Sections (Section cut off was there) :

- Aptitude.
- Verbal.
- Pictorial.
- Electronics.
- C.
- Mechanical.

Aptitude was bit easy Profit & loss, Simple Interest, Ratios, Age problem, Train, Cylinder, Work and time, Time & distance.

Few questions I remember.

1. Father's age is 24 years more than son's age. After 2 years it will be twice than son's age what's the son's present age?

2. The average age of A, B and C=45, avg age of B and C =43

Find the age of A.

3. Pick odd one out 1,4,9,16,23,32.

- Verbal (15 questions).

There were 2 passage with 6 questions.

Find correct relation.

1. light: blind
2. gravity:pull

Sentence forming questions i think this site is enough to study.

- Mechanical section (10 questions).

I really dont know why they have given this to me. As I am a diploma candidate and did not study anything about mechanical things I found difficult.

- Electronic technical (20 questions).

It was very easy I can say more questions on digital, IC no problem to solve, all are direct questions.

- Pictorial (15 questions).

Mirror images.

Most of questions to find next image.

C programming.

All questions to write an output.

There were 10 programs we need to write a result.

I hope this will help you.

Thanks a lot.


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