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iGATE Interview Experience - Agra, October 9, 2015

Hi everyone, iGATE conducted its recruitment drive on 9th October 2015 at my college in which 90 students participated out of which 21 were able to clear the aptitude round and 2 students were finally recruited (including me).

The day started with a presentation about iGATE. It is really important to know about the company background, it helps to answer the question "why do you want to join our organisation" perfectly. For iGATE the criteria is "WILLINGNESS".

Shortly after the presentation our aptitude round started. Only the students who have more 60% throughout B.tech, 10th and 12th were eligible. 

The aptitude consisted of four sections:

1. Verbal (20 questions) synonyms, antonyms, analogies etc.

2. Quants (15 questions) time and work, time and distance, boats, profit, loss, probability, geometry etc.

3. Logical reasoning (10 questions).

4. Data Interpretation (5 questions).

We had to solve 50 questions in 60 minutes. Questions are pretty basic but time limit is a little tight. R.S Agarwal and IndiaBix is enough for aptitude. The mass rejection was due to fact that there was cut off in EACH SECTION, so be aware!! My name was the last to be called(phewwwww.......)

After the aptitude it all depends on your confidence!! We went for out technical and HR rounds. The technical and HR both were  considered, it was not like only students who cleared technical will go for HR, all selected students were to go through both.

During the technical round I was asked about subjects, which I have studied and their syllabus, final year project. Try to keep the focus of the interviewer on the things that you know properly. It is alright, if you can not answer all the questions, be confident and politely say that" I have studied this but I fail to recall it at this moment".

When I was called for my HR, I went inside beaming!! The questions were basic "family background, hobbies, siblings, why should we hire you, why do you want to join us"

I answered all the questions confidently and when the interviewer said "I hope to see you again" I knew then and there that I will get selected, I told him "sir, you made my day!!"

During the entire process, forget about everything, keep your worries at home, have faith in god and yourself. One thing is really important to know that no matter what happens it is not going to be the end of the world. Enjoy the experience. What is meant to be will find your way!! 

Be confident and do not let that smile fade away!!! all the very best!!!


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