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some Sample  questions (m.tech.)  tech.--24, apti.--20

1. On cmos power( formula- P=CV*Vf

2. Lowest noise margin in which logic family--
a) TTL   b)  CMOS   c)   biCMOS   d)    all have same 

3. If CMOS has tr(rise time)=tf.find Wp/Wn. given beta(n)=2*beta(p)

4. gm of a transistor is proportional to 
a)Ic b)Vt c)1/Vt d)none

5. If A and B are given in 2's complement find A-B in decimal.

6. Set up time,hold time ,clock to Q delay time (very important)

7. .3 questions on opamp (transfer function)(2 marks each)

8. 2 questions on sequence detector (2 marks each)

9. Logic function boolean expressions(true/false) (3 question-1 mark each) probabily all false

10. In I/O mapped how do you represent memory(1 mark)    

11. The design of FSM(finite state machine) will--
a)  increase time of design
b)  increase delay
c)  increase power
d)  all of the above

12. K-map minimization

13. Phase locked loop(PLL) 1 question sachin


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