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TCS Interview Experience - HYDERABAD, MARCH 18, 19 2016

Hi, guys, I got selected in TCS off campus interview which was held in Hyderabad. TCS consist of 4 rounds. I am frOm ECE background.

1) Written exam.
2) TR.
3) MR.
4) HR.

I completed my written test with flying colours, In our college we got TCS-specific training in which face academy came and they gave us one PPT where we can find number of TCS written exam questions. 

So that PPT will be very helpful for cracking written exam. From this PPT, I got 13-15 questions of same model, rest of the questions will depend on our practice.

TR & MR:-

After completing my written TCS called me for an interview at Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology in Hyderabad. In my panel, there are 2 members, one male and one female. They are for TR and MR.

Int 1 (MR): Introduce about yourself?
- Told.

Int 2 (TR): Asked me to write a program to print Prime numbers for given range.
- I just told the logic, he said ok.

Int 1 (MR): Gave me 5 puzzles related to percentages and asked to complete them in 1 minute.
- I have done them in 47 secs.

Int 2 (TR): He asked me to wap to reverse the given numbers.
- Wrote the program.

Int 1 (MR): She again asked me the puzzle.
- Done.

Int 2 (TR): He asked me the about the difference between C and C++.
- Told.

Int 2 (TR): He asked me the concepts of OOPS.
- Told.

After completing TR and MR, they gave the results with in 5 mins I was selected for HR round and asked to come next day.


I just entered the cabin by wishing Madam with a smile and she said to be seated. She started asking questions from my resume.

1) Asked about my recent social service, because I mentioned social service as my hobby. I told with a good fluency, so she was impressed.

2) My ambitions.

3) Relocation.

4) Night shifts.

5) Asked about my hobbies.

At last, she said that I am done with your questions than I asked questions about TCS, she answered the questions. That's it.

After 2 days, I got result that I am shortlisted for TCS Offer Letter, I felt sooo happy.


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