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Robert Bosch Interview Experience - Bangalore, September 2, 2014

Robert Bosch visited my college on Sept - 2, 2014.

There was a pre-placement talk first.

The first round consisted of apti - 30 questions and technical-30 questions, each right answer carried 1 mark each and a wrong answer was awarded -0.25, the duration was 1 hr.

134 people got shortlisted out of about 600 people.

The second round was a technical interview, They mainly asked me C (storage classes, structures, unions, pointers etc) , and a few questions on microcontrollers and logic design, and a lot of questions on the projects that I've done. The interview lasted 1 hr. About 50 people cleared the 2nd round.

First question in the technical interview was, "rate your knowledge in C".

The 3rd round was a HR interview, whoever gets in here is almost in. Basic questions were asked.

And questions like "what do your friends think about you?" were asked.

Finally 44 people were selected (including the people selected for mico bosch).


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