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Hi everyone, I am Abhinay Muthyapu from MALLA REDDY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE, I have attended L&T POOL CAMPUS Drive for 2015 Pass Outs on 31st October and I got through the Drive.


1st Round: 20 QUANTS, 20 VERBAL, 20 LOGICAL.

It was 3500+ students who have attended the drive and there were 3 slots and am in the 3rd slot.

For every slot they took around 50 per slot and almost 150+ selected for GD.

2nd Round: GD ( TOPIC: INDIA or WEST, The Land of OPPORTUNITIES). 

In GD for every 15 Candidates They have chosen 6 or 7.

For GD you have be confident, stick with your topic and go on.

67 Out of 150+ got selected in GD.

It was 9:00 pm After GD.

So next day 01/011/2014 paragraph writing every person gets different topics mine was (Is technology was boon or bane)

Paragraph writing is not an elimination round they analysis our writing skills.

At 5:00 pm Technical Round:

Sometimes they start with tell me about self.

Questions will be based on C, JAVA, SQL and he will ask us to write basic logic of program.

Other question will be based on the info provided in Resume.

34 out of 67 got through the Technical round.

At 8:00 pm HR round Questions will be like Tell me about your self, would you like to relocate, Extra Curricular activities. 

And we were sent back to home and results came in two days am the one selected among 30 out of 34 after HR.

Thanks Every one.

My suggestion be calm and prepare well and prove your self.


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