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iGate Interview Pattern - Mumbai, October 7, 2015

Hi all,

This my interview experience about iGate company.

It was the campus placement of my college Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Andheri.

It had 3 stages:

1) Aptitude Test.

2) Technical Interview.

3) HR Interview.

First was the aptitude test:

An OMR sheet was given and we had to solve 50 questions in 60 minutes.

20 questions of verbal, 20 questions of logical reasoning and 15 questions of Quant.

Verbal questions are based on:

1) Grammar.
2) Articles.
3) Reading comprehension (1 para 5 questions), etc.

Logical questions were on:

1) Syllogism (2 questions),
2) Mirror image,
3) Assumptions, etc.

Quants questions were on:

1) Profit and loss,
2) Permutation and Combination,
3) Percentage,
4) Ratio and proportion,
5) Probability,
6) Time and work,
7) Average,
8) Area/volume,
9) Tabular data (5 questions), etc.

The aptitude test is very easy but you have to manage it in given time. And cutoff is also very high.

Only 22 people were selected from 118.

Then next round was technical interview. The key to this round is staying confident.

They ask a lot of questions about software development life cycle. I, being an IT student, was able to answer most of them.

They also ask about your most favorite and least favorite subject this semester and the reason behind it.

Then they ask about your projects. Prepare well about it.

Then the interviewer looked at my file and saw my school certificates, most of which were of maths competitions. So he asked me a simple maths question.

If I run 600 m in 5 sec then what is my speed in km/sec. The whole interview went on for about 20-25 minutes.

Next was HR Interview:

It was basically a rapid fire round and a test of your ability to answer quickly.

They ask questions super fast and most of them were about basic knowledge like who is the chief minister of Maharashtra, who is the MLA in your native place, etc. They also ask you about relocation, working in shifts, etc.  (The answer to all these should be yes).

They also ask you that how is our recruitment process compared to other companies you have appeared for before (Say yours is the best).

This interview got over in 10 minutes. The result came after 2 days and I was glad to know that I was selected. Total 16 students were selected from 22 after interview stage.

So the key is to do all the concepts well for aptitude test and answer confidently during interviews.


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