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Tata Consultancy Services( TCS) Interview Experience - Hyderabad, March 18,19 2016.

Hello everyone, I am Raviteja. I attended the TCS Off campus drive 2016. 



Branch: Mechanical Department

TCS Written test: March 2nd 2016

TCS TR & MR: 18th March 2016

TCS HR: 19th March 2016

Place: Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad.

Technical and Managerial Round:

There were around 800 members attended for TR & MR which is divided into half of members in the morning and left in the afternoon.

I had my TR & MR on 18th Morning. We have been allotted to 30 Panels. 

There were 2 Interviewers in my Panel.

Me: Excuse me, May I come in?

Int_1 & Int_2: Yes, Plz come.

Me: Thank you. Wished them with a charming face.

Int_2 : Asked my Resume. They had a look at my resume and asked me to introduce myself.
Me: Told.

Int_1: What is your Final year Project?
Me: Explained clearly.

Int _2: Tell me about your mini project?
Me: Explained clearly.

Int_1: Tell me something you know about Softwares.
Me: Explained about Internet of things clearly. They impressed.

Int_2: You are from Mechanical, then why do you want to join in TCS?
Me: Convinced.

Int_2: Write the program for swapping two numbers without using the third variable?
Me: I wrote and explained neatly. They impressed. [They said good looking at each other]

Int_1: You got job in BHEL and TCS, then what do you do? 
Me: Convinced & they impressed.

Int_2: Have you applied TCS Before six months?
Me: No.

Int_1: What are your short term and Long term goals?
Me: Told.

Int_1: You didn't tell me about ur family. So tell.
Me: Told.

Int_2: Can you work at nights?
Me: Told.

Int_1: Can you work at anywhere?
Me: Told.

Int_2: Do you have any questions?
Me: No, sir. I had a great time with you. Said thanks with a great smile.

Within 20 minutes, results came. I got selected for HR, which will be held on next day.

Out of 800 members, only 440 students promoted to HR.

HR round:

Me: Excuse me mam, May I come in?

Int (Madam): Yes, please.

Me: Wished her with a smile.

Int: Asked my resume and started with basic questions. Introduce yourself.
Me: Told.

Int: You are from Mechanical, then why do you want to join in TCS?
Me: Told.

Int: Why should I hire you? tell me two reasons.
Me: Saying that my colez taught me to learn new things easily, blah blah blah. Mean while she cross questioned me.

Int: You said learning is your attitude. So tell me what have you been learning still now?
Me: Shocked, anyhow I said my best.

Int: Tell me about IOT.
Me: Said.

Int: Difference between IT Service and IT product?
Me: Said.

Int: Can you work night shifts?
Me: Said Yes, I can.

Int: Are you aware of TCS Policy, suppose if you are selected you have to stay for 2 years.
Me: I'm Ok with it.

Int: Do you have any questions?
Me: Said no & wished her again with great smile.

My interview is over.

On 22nd morning, I got mail. Hurray!!!!!!! I got selected.

My suggestion: 

Get prepare well for written test and for interview have a minimum language of any programming language. Never feel tension. If you get tensed, sure you will definitely lose your self-confidence. Have a good communication skill. They just check your level of communication and how confident we are.

Thank you.


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