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L&T Infotech Interview Experience - Bangalore, 29, 30 Oct 2014

Hi all. Firstly, ALL THE BEST to all L&T Infotech aspirants. I hope my experience will help you for your preparation.

I attended L&T Infotech pool drive recently. My experience was amazing. As you all know there are 5 rounds.

1. Aptitude test (consists of 3 parts - verbal, aptitude and logical)-  there is no negative marking but there is a sectional cut off. Please give importance to all the sections. There were 60 questions, 1 hour duration. Just refer to RS Agarwal and Indiabix.com and clearing aptitude will be a piece of cake. 

Mass elimination in this round. Since there was a pool drive in our college, 700+ had attended and only 40 were in. The results will be announced within 15-20 minutes. 

--> Aptitude part consists mostly problems of type from:

* Average
* Percentage
* Time and work
* Time and distance
* Speed, Distance and Time
* Probability
* Permutation and combination
* Ratio
* Age problems
* Pipes & cisterns
* Train problems

[TIP: Guys! Dont burst your head on area type. those won't be asked. Just some basic common sense problems will be asked. These topics you are thorough and I guarantee you, you will be in :)]

--> Logical part had:

* Verbal syllogisms
* Relationship
* Find the missing figure where 1st and 2nd are related in some way.
* Sitting arrangement problem ( 5-6 questions were on this).

[TIP: Just solve some placement papers to get an idea. Questions will be of average difficulty level.]

--> Verbal was a bit tough. Following are the types of questions: 

* Passage
* Synonyms (Please refer GRE high frequency words)
* Arranging sentence in order.
* Finding the error in sentence.

[TIP: In passage reading, don't read passage first. Instead read the questions. You will get an idea of where to give importance while reading passage. I did the same way and it saved most of my time.]

2. Group Discussion- Topics will be general and easy. All you have to do is TALK!! Thats it! And you are through if you project yourself. Be confident and that will help you clear this round.

Out of 40 only 30 were selected in this round. 

[TIP: While discussing, if possible start or end the discussion. It will give a major impact on your image. Look at all the participants while making some point. Don't target the person who you are opposing. Mention facts and figures.]

3. Passage writing- This is not elimination round. You will be given a topic and in 10 minutes you have to write minimum of 100 words. Only one sheet was given to us. Write sensibly because it will checked in the HR round. If the passage doesn't make any sense, you will have a bad impression.

{These 3 steps were held on the first day. We were asked to come the following day for interview.}

There was a PPT presentation about the company the next day in the morning. HR will give the presentation. They will make you fall in with the company in this PPT presentation. Some facts about the company are also said. Be attentive as this will help in HR round when they ask about the company.

4. Technical Round- Be thorough in the subjects you put in resume. You will be given a sheet of paper to write the answers for the questions asked. (not all answers. Programming especially) Out of 30, 23 got selected. 

5. HR- This was the trickiest round so far for me. Your stress will be tested. Remember! SMILE!! throughout the interview! HR will ask question in a way you wish earth has to swallow you right away. But hold your calm. They are just testing how you react to stressful situations.

2 HRs were there and they were shooting questions as though it was a rapid fire round. They even ask you questions like " What is the capital of Chennai!" :| 
Be yourself and it will be fine. Some formality questions like- are you ready to relocate and all will be asked. Thats it! 

Guys! 2 students were eliminated in this round as well. So be careful.

Results were announced in the evening after 2 hours. And I was in! :)

I hope my experience helps you. ALL THE BEST guys!! :)


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