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iGate Interview Experience - Amity university, 14 September 2015

Interview experience.

It has three rounds,

1. Aptitude.
2. Technical interview.
3. HR interview.

The aptitude is very easy, but this means competition level is high. There were 15 questions of maths which were very easy and other 25 questions of reasoning and english which were also very easy. But remember if aptitude is easy then competition level is high. The cut off was 43.

After three hours they declared the results and called for technical and HR interview.

Remember who is the interviewer and what question he will ask is luck but your knowledge is hard work.

My interviewer was very good. As I m ece student so asked for the preference of C and C++. I suggest to have basics of C and detail knowledge of C++. He asked me write programs like swapping of of two variables and then 3 variable. Then logic of fibonacci and then binary search. He was more interested in data structures and DBMS. So have basic knowledge of all these topics if you are an ECE student. He was interested in approach towards the programs not the crammed programs. So try to understand the logics, do not cram it. There might be some tricky questions too, but do no fear it's just a trick to check your patience level.

Next was HR round, it was just a formality to know about night shifts, weekend shifts and relocation. But be prepared for the HR round too.

The result was the cumulative of all the three rounds.

If you are a girl then it is a good news for you as they prefer girls.

Remember aptitude is the only barrier and rest is your knowledge and confidence.

Do study about the company they sometimes ask and expect a good answer.

All the best.


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